Finland unveils cost of Putin and Trump's summit

According to preliminary information, cost of organizing and holding the meeting of the presidents of Russia Vladimir Putin and the United States - Donald Trump in Helsinki has exceeded 4 million euros, Report informs citing the Interfax.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Finland reported that according to the established international tradition, the host country of the event pays for the costs of its holding.

The Interior Ministry accounted for most of the costs, about 2.7 million euros. 2 million euros of this amount were spent on the enhanced work of the Metropolitan police, the rest-on the work of the Central criminal police, security Police and Border service. The defense forces will be transferred 400 thousand euros for assistance in the protection of the Ministry. At the same time, the cost of using fighters and military helicopters, as well as naval vessels, has not yet been taken into account.

About 400 thousand euros were spent on payments to employees and conscripted soldiers of the Defense forces, who provided protection on July 16. 10 thousand euros cost sauna and distribution of Finnish strawberries and peas to accredited journalists.

The second largest account-about 1-1,15 million euros-was issued to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The greatest part of the money spent on the rent of a Palace "Finland" in a press-the center and the organization of its work: safety, security of journalists, food and technical equipment.

The total cost will be announced in autumn.

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