Department of State: The US strongly supports the Southern Gas Corridor project

The US State Department "strongly supports" the "Southern Gas Corridor" project, which will be able to compete seriously with Russian gas in terms of supplies to Europe, the representative of the Bureau of Energy of the US State Department Vincent Campos told RIA Novosti, APA reports.

"The United States is against the proposed Nord Stream-2 project," Kapmos said, adding that the project would "undermine overall energy security and stability in Europe," and especially this will affect Ukraine.

"As for alternative energy sources, we are working closely with our European partners to improve energy security by facilitating the diversification of fuel supplies by its types, routes and supplier countries.For example, the United States strongly supports the Southern Gas Corridor project (which includes the Trans-Anatolian and Trans-Adriatic gas pipelines TAP and TANAP - Ed.), which will diversify gas imports in Europe through large gas supplies to the region through the Caspian Sea as early as 2019-2020", - he said.

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