Bakcell presents the always online opportunity for youth

The new monthly packs offer gigabytes of internet and unlimited usage of social networks for young customers

Bakcell, the First Mobile Operator and Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, has introduced the brand new “DaimOnline” tariffs, designed especially for younger generation of subscribers. 

It is a known fact that the younger generation prefers using social networks and messaging apps to communicate with each other. Taking this into consideration, Bakcell offers the “DaimOnline” package. Offered in 3 different options for a subscription fee of 6, 10 and 20 AZN per month respectively, the “DaimOnline” brings unlimited WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, lots of gigabytes and plenty of on-net minutes. 

“DaimOnline 6” tariff provides 2 GB of internet and 50 minutes for on-net calls. But the main news is that the subscribers of this tariff will enjoy an absolutely unlimited WhatsApp usage. This includes not only text messages and calls via this app, but also sending and receiving pictures, videos and voice messages. Monthly subscription fee is as low as 6 AZN. 

Young persons who use the social networks more heavily will prefer the new “DaimOnline 10” and “DaimOnline 20” tariffs. Thus, a unique distinctive feature of these offers is that the usage of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is completely unlimited! The users will be able to watch and post photos, videos and use all other functions as much as they want, without worrying about consumed traffic volumes. Moreover, subscribers of “DaimOnline 10” (10 AZN per month) will get 5 Gb of internet and 200 on-net minutes, while “DaimOnline 20” (20 AZN per month) will enjoy as much as 20 Gb of internet and 400 on-net minutes. 

Being the most innovative operator on the market, Bakcell is constantly researching the market to know the exact needs and demands of all the customer segments. By introducing the new “DaimOnline” packages with a completely unlimited usage of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, Bakcell offers the younger customers the desired flexibility of options and a complete freedom of unlimited communication, allowing them to be always online. 

Being the known leader in innovation, Bakcell will continue bringing renewed, convenient and exciting tariffs, products and services to the modern users of mobile communication. 

Visit  for more detailed information about the new “DaimOnline” tariff packages, and other advantageous and innovative offers of Bakcell.

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