Azerbaijani flag hoisted outside Philadelphia Mayors Office

The flag of Azerbaijan has been raised outside the city mayor’s office in the historic U.S. city of Philadelphia in commemoration of the centenary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR).

The Azerbaijani embassy in the United States told APA that the ceremony was co-organized by local Azerbaijani activists living in Pennsylvania State and the Philadelphia Mayor's Office. The event was attended by representatives of the Azerbaijani community, the mayor's office and the embassy.

Azerbaijani Society of America (ASA) President Tomris Azeri spoke about the establishment of the ADR, emphasizing that each and every Azerbaijani is now proud of their independent state.

Assistant to the Philadelphia Mayor Shila Hass congratulated the Azerbaijani community of Pensylvania State on the occasion of this historical day, and mentioned Mayor Jim Kenni’s proclamation about declaring 28 May 2018 the day of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in Philadelphia.

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