Azerbaijani taekwondo athlete: Im glad that I have no medal at the European Championship

"I won my first rival Bulgarian athlete. I had next fight against local taekwondo player Svetlana Iqumenova. To tell the truth, I expected the fight to be strong, because my opponent was strong and native. However it was not difficult to defeat her. While I lost the game to my  Croatian opponent. "

Report informs, Azerbaijani taekwondo athlete, Patimat Abakarova, who grabed a bronze medal at the European Championship held in Kazan, Russia, told in a statement to the press service of the federation. 24 years old athlete who weighted 49 kg said that she was glad not having medal: "I was sure that I would win a gold medal, but I'm glad that I couldn't win medal. I thank those who supported me. Competition is underway and I wish success to my teammates”. 

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