UK hosts Georgian wine tasting sessions

Georgian wine tasting sessions and master classes will be held in major cities of the UK, starting with the capital of London today, Agenda reports.

The trade and press tasting of more than 100 Georgian wines was organised and hosted in London by well-known wine experts Sarah Abbott MW and Robert Joseph on April 24.

The guests of the event were provided with an opportunity to taste qvevri (amber) Georgian wines as well as European wines produced by big and small Georgian enterprises.

"One of the most remarkable participants of the wine tasting event was the UK-based company Artisan Cru Marani, which produces European wines in qvevri at Plumpton College, and it thus raised the profile of this Georgian wine-making technology in the UK, especially within the students”, read the press-release by Georgian Embassy to the UK.

Aside from the wine tasting, a master class by Sara Abbott MW was also held for trade and press representatives.

After London, Georgian wine tasting sessions and master classes by Sarah Abbott MW will continue to be held in major UK cities, including Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester and Cardiff by Georgian Wine UK and with the active support of the Embassy of Georgia to the UK.

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