"Azerbaijan to continue developing strong civil society"

Azerbaijan will continue to develop a strong civil society, said Azerbaijan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Mahmud Mammad-Guliyev.

He made the remarks March 12 addressing an event dedicated to the launch of new institutional set-up of Eastern Partnership initiative in Brussels, Belgium.

The deputy foreign minister noted that a strong civil society is very important for every country, otherwise it is very difficult to implement the goals set by the government.

He expressed confidence that Azerbaijan will have a strong civil society that will assist the government in implementing its goals.

Mammad-Guliyev noted that Azerbaijan has already created a platform with participation of government representatives, other structures, as well as civil society members.

He pointed out that the negotiations between Azerbaijan and the EU on a new strategic partnership agreement include issues related to civil society as well. The deputy foreign minister expressed confidence that Azerbaijan and the EU will agree on civil society issues.


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