Azerbaijani citizens to be able to obtain visas through ASAN Visa

ASAN service centers have prepared ‘ASAN Visa -2’ conception for issuing visas to Azerbaijani citizens, the chairman of the State Agency for public and social innovation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Inam Karimov.

"Currently, we are negotiating with relevant agencies. We will cooperate with several embassies within the framework of the pilot project, which will allow Azerbaijani citizens to obtain visas to the desired country in a more convenient manner,” the chairman said.

At present, foreigners and stateless persons can apply to obtain an electronic visa within 3 hours, regardless of non-working days or holidays, through the ‘ASAN Visa’ system.

The ‘ASAN Visa’ system was established by the decree of the President of Azerbaijan, dated 1 June 2016, on simplifying the issuance of electronic visas and establishing the ‘ASAN Visa’ system. 

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