Baku hosts International seminar of CIS Supreme Audit Institutions

Baku hosts a seminar on “The importance of quality indicators in effectiveness assessment practice in the activities of the Supreme Financial Control Bodies”. The seminar will last two days according to the Action Plan adopted at the XVII Session of the Board of Governors of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the CIS Member States, which was held in Baku on September 5-6, 2017.  

Delegations of the Russian Chamber of Accounts, the Belarusian State Audit Committee, the Accounts Committee for the Control over Execution of the Republican Budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Chamber of Accounts of Kyrgyzstan attend the event.

At the seminar participants delivered reports on the subject and held discussions.

Within the framework of bilateral cooperation Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation will exchange of experience on audits of social security payments, as well as audit of budget funds allocated for medicine, education, culture, cinematography and health insurance.

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