State Migration Service detains 11 foreigners

Azerbaijan’s State Migration Service has detained 11 foreigners in recent measures to combat illegal migration.

They include 7 citizens of Nepal, 3 citizens of India and one citizen of Sri Lanka, the State Migration Service told.

The investigation revealed that a man called Deepak, who was working in India, organized the arrival of foreigners in Azerbaijan, having conspired with Ukrainian national Vladislav Kobil. Thus, 3 Indian citizens and one Sri Lankan citizen appealed to Deepak with the request to send him to Europe. Deepak, in his turn, organized their arrival in Azerbaijan. 


It became known that Deepak contacted Vladislav Kobil for the purpose of obtaining temporary residence permits for the abovementioned foreigners in Azerbaijan and received from them a large sum of money, promising to send them to European countries.


In addition, the investigation revealed that Deepak organized an illegal visit of 7 Nepalese citizens to Azerbaijan for a large reward.


As a result of the measures taken, an attempt to organize an illegal migration channel was prevented.  


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