There will be many provocations against Azerbaijan-MP

There will be many provocations against Azerbaijan prior to the 2018 presidential election, said Chairman of the parliamentary committee on public associations and religious organizations, Deputy Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party Siyavush Novruzov told.

“Some international organizations have even put Afghanistan ahead of Azerbaijan in terms of freedom of press. That is a largely primitive approach,” said Novruzov.


He noted that some opposing forces are being created to grasp other countries’ natural resources.


“What’s happening in the Middle East today is the result of it. The U.S. Department of State groups Azerbaijan among unstable countries, seeking to prevent tourist flow to Azerbaijan. How come the U.S. and Russian headquarters chiefs meet in Baku since Azerbaijan is an unstable country?” he said.


Novruzov added: “2018 is the year of presidential election in Azerbaijan, so there will many such provocations. The Azerbaijanis are a wise nation and will make their choice in the election ignoring outside interferences. Media support in this area is also important.”  

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