A special discount on smartphones only for Nar subscribers

Thanks to Nar, buying a smartphone has just became easier. Thus, Nar subscribers are now provided with special discounted prices on smartphones at “From AE” online store. Every Nar customer can now visit az.fromae.com/az/nar3 and get a chance to benefit from discounts by entering her/his mobile phone number. 

This opportunity is provided within the frames of the operator’s joint loyalty program with participation of the “From AE” internet shop. Customers can benefit from this program to purchase smartphones at very beneficial prices and enjoy the high-speed 3G and 4G mobile internet services of Nar.  As an example, the subscribers who join one of the brand new “Full” packages of Nar will enjoy lots of communication due to this advantageous offer. The main distinction of these packages, besides included countrywide calling minutes and plenty of internet traffic, is the fact the bonuses do not expire at the end of the month, but are transferred to the next one. Thus, Nar, an operator always taking into account the wishes and feedback of its customers, has provided them with a great opportunity to use the remaining bonuses on the next month, by means of the “Full” packages.

Visit the operator’s official website (www.nar.az) or official pages in social networks for more detailed information about the internet packages and other great opportunities offered by Nar.


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