Genetically engineered super-horses to be born in 2019 and could soon compete in Olympics

Genetically engineered horses designed to be faster, stronger and better jumpers will be born in 2019 after a breakthrough by the same laboratory which clones polo ponies.

Scientists in Argentina successfully used a powerful DNA editing technique called Crispr to rewrite the genomes of cloned horses.

Healthy embryos were produced following the procedure, which the researchers plan to implant into a surrogate mother within two years.

The team focussed on boosting the myostatin gene sequence which is crucial to muscle development, endurance and speed.

Theoretically, animals designed in such a way should be able to run faster, for longer, and jump higher more easily.

Traditionally the same traits would be achieved by breeding animals which already exhibited desirable features. But it can take many generations to develop a beneficial trait.

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