The sense of gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most important human qualities.

Having refused to serve people, the devil, an angel, can only influence the human being through his mind and sense organs – sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. 

Nothing else, since he has no right to get into the soul, i.e. where everything is in power of the angel of good, a silent custodian of our perishable body, divine energy. His only presence gives us life, energy and opportunity to be a living creature.

The body and soul have a high degree of synchronism in their actions. This lasts until a man lives, breathes, his heart beats and the liver works, in which the blood temperature is higher than that of the body by 2 degrees. Figuratively speaking, being soil as regards the human body, the liver purifies the blood from viruses, refines, neutralizes and clears the body of chemical waste. By that it helps both the body and the soul, God’s energy, to be in the human body at the comfortable temperature of +36.5˚.

Thus, all the organs of our body are interrelated and support our guardian angel. This interrelation is of divine, i.e. heavenly, nature by character and destination. No man can understand it, since it is not given to comprehend the secret of synchronism of work of milliards of cells in our body. 

Actually, the human being does not need the knowledge of the kind, inasmuch as we were created to live, procreate and save nature using the capabilities of our mind and consciousness. The human being was given every necessary thing to do that – the creation of normal conditions for earthly existence. Therefore, this is, at least, what we must be grateful for, and what is beyond that is not our business. 


Rafig Y.Aliyev,

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, founder of “Irshad” Center on Islamic Studies

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