NATO chief apologizes to Turkey for military drill scandal in Norway

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has issued a letter of apology over an incident at NATO's Joint Warfare Centre in Norway, which prompted Turkey to withdraw its troops from a military drill.

“I have been informed about offence caused in a recently concluded exercise at NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger, Norway. I apologise for the offense that has been caused. The incidents were the result of an individual’s actions and do not reflect the views of NATO,” Stoltenberg said.


“The individual in question was immediately removed from the exercise by the Joint Warfare Centre, and an investigation is underway. He was a civilian contractor seconded by Norway and not a NATO employee. It will be for the Norwegian authorities to decide on any disciplinary action. NATO has been in contact with the Norwegian authorities on this issue,” he said.


NATO has fired a military officer who used pictures of Atatürk and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in an “enemy chart” during a drill in Norway, private broadcaster NTV reported on Nov. 17, citing NATO itself.


Earlier, Erdoğan had stated that Turkey had withdrawn 40 soldiers from a NATO military exercise in Norway, after the country's founding leader and himself were depicted as "enemies."

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