Azercell launches new favorable campaign on iPhone devices

Azercell Telecom LLC, the only mobile operator offering iPhone devices in Azerbaijan, has launched a new favorable campaign for its subscribers. Thus, starting from November 15, 2017, various models of iPhone are offered with “Hedsiz” tariff and Internet packs. 

1. iPhone 8 (64GB)

2. iPhone 8 (256GB)

3. iPhone 8 plus (64GB)

4. iPhone 8 plus (256GB)

5. iPhone 7 (32GB)

6. iPhone 7 (128GB)

7. iPhone 7 plus (128GB)

8. iPhone 6S plus (32GB)

9. iPhone 6 32GB


Any customer who has a cell number may join the campaign upon making the initial payment and presenting a proof of employment. In order to benefit from this favorable opportunity offered by Azercell, you should visit Customer Service Centers or exclusive stores of Azercell. Hurry up, limited offer!         

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