Nar has been recognized as the best network operator in test for making calls in Azerbaijan

Nar, since the first day of its establishment has become distinct in offering advantageous prices to the subscribers, continues to improve its mobile communications network. Thus, according to mobile network benchmarking tests, held during the second quarter of the year 2017, Nar network achieved the highest results in the country for mobile voice services. The testing of mobile communications networks was conducted by “P3 Communications”, an independent international company for engineering and testing services.


The Mobile Benchmark tests were conducted in the cities, villages, settlements and major highways, located in various parts of the county. This was a complete mobile test, 55% of which was done in such cities as Baku, Ganja, Sumqait, Mingechevir, Sheki, Shirvan and Quba, while the rest was conducted in Khirdalan, Lankaran, Gabala, Khachmaz, and other smaller cities. Testing methodology of P3 Communications is based on measuring customer experience for a wide range of services.

It should be mentioned that during the year 2017, Nar implemented some crucial projects related to improvement of its mobile communications network. The operator has recently introduced the “HD-Voice” service, which ensures a significant increase of the quality and flawless transmission of voice. Thanks to these actions, Nar has been recognized as the best network operator in test for making calls in Azerbaijan.

In order to expand the coverage area of the network and improve the quality of mobile voice and internet services, the number of base stations on within the country was significantly increased. By implementing new measures aimed at improving the 3G network, the number of 3G base stations using ATM technology transmission lines was decreased three times, and replaced by modern transmission lines based on the IP technology. The “Last Mile Capacity” of the IP transmission band was increased by 53%, comparing with the last year. 


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