The doomsday

And the moon will be eclipsed. And the sun and moon will be joined together. On that Day man will say: “Where (is the refuge) to flee? (Qur’an, The Resurrection) God, what terror!

We have been told and still are assured that on the Day of Judgment the final solution of the most important problem for mankind will be found, i.e. what is the future for us and for our Planet, an inhabited part of the Universe. An answer to the centuries-old question must be sounded: whether to let the mankind live further or to annihilate everything and everybody and to turn our planet into an unmanned and barren space, the Hell?

According to Holy Scriptures of different religions, nobody will be listened to or interrogated personally, separately on the Day of Judgment, especially as nobody’s further destiny will be discussed. It is a very troublesome job.

 Besides, I think, no celestial substance needs maintenance of the Hell and the Paradise. Unlike the Earth, you know, there must reign the divine order, since those places are at a large distance from the earth and human society. It is not an easy job to keep several billions of inhabitants whose cases were considered by the heavenly justice (court) in such remote places. Why to shoulder a burden, to keep the Hell and the Paradise, two opposite colonies at war, in an ideal order? The difference is great between keeping them on the well-planned Earth and loading the space with more than 10 milliards of small objects, let them be 20 or 25 grams each. And it is very difficult to imagine the result of such a planetary, I would say, universal level of court of justice. It is beyond our comprehension. 

However, a human being is very indefatigable in his desires; by nature, he wants to get into everything and everywhere. If to try to imagine that the court will listen to angels for 5 seconds each, then the “session” of the kind would drag out for centuries, if not for millennia. Who of you can fancy the session of that kind? If anybody thinks that everything will take virtually, he/she is mistaken.

The Noble Qur’an says that we all will be resurrected and judged by the Almighty. The Holy Qur’an sent down by the Mighty does not leave any variant. Probably, the Doomsday, i.e. millennia of judgment in our earthly dimension, might be such. 

The probability of such a process makes one think over before agreeing with ulema’s commentaries. Most probably, they do not diverge a bit from the visual, figurative interpretation of the meanings of the suras and ayats of the kind. And their author, Allah, only knows their profound content. Nevertheless, we have to know the rules and orders of the celestial legal procedure, since it is we who will be judged. But who will explain us everything?!

As it appears from various commentaries to the text of the Holy Qur’an, we shall have no attorneys, be given no right to say the last word, and even to open the mouth to utter anything in defense. It goes without saying that the resolution of the universal court of justice will be final and be not subject to appeal or doubt. It means that from the ‘courtroom’ you will be taken to the Hell or the Paradise, the place of eternal ‘detention’. 

To tell the truth, it is difficult to imagine the state of the Universe, as is said in the Qur’an “the moon will be eclipsed. And the sun and moon will be joined together… There is no refuge!”, i.e. the end of the world will come. Again, based on a human’s feeble mind, everybody knows, but tries in vain to imagine what will come further, though much has been said about those ‘detention’ places. Even children are threatened by the nethermost fire, realities of being in the Hell. 

One thing is still not clear for me namely. Our bodies are lifeless without souls. The Mighty would not judge soulless people. Does it mean that during the procedure our souls will move back to our bodies to revive them and to listen to the sentences to be passed? If so, what might be the result then? Having listened to the court resolution, will our souls re-abandon our bodies and leave for the space again? The bodies will fall again in the previous inanimate state. Who will be burnt in the Hell then, or enjoy inexhaustible pleasures in the Paradise? 

This problem is still open. Maybe, some of you have a more reasonable attitude or explanation of these very important questions of our earthly and heavenly existence?  

I will be exceedingly grateful and happy if anybody of you is able to explain me everything within the framework of simple logic.

Rafig Y.Aliyev,

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, founder of “Irshad” Center on Islamic Studies

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