Erdogan : BTK will be able to carry 6 million tonnes of cargo

I’m pleased to participate in this event together with you on launch of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line (BTK), Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at the festive ceremony on launch of BTK.


According to him, new steps are taken for welfare of the countries: “A part of the new Silk Road, main part of East-West transport corridor is being launched. Trains from London to Beijing will move directly. I wish this project to be useful for our nations and region”.


The president noted that three countries are situated in this part which called heart of the world: “As Turkey, we have been making efforts to use these opportunities for 15 years. The third bridge in Istanbul and other projects are part of these. These projects increase significance of BTK.


Kazakhstan is connected with Europe through Aktau port, Turkmenistan through Turkmenbashi port. BTK will be able to carry 6 million tonnes of cargo and 1 million passengers. Currently, 240 million tonnes of cargo are carried from China to Europe per year. Even if 10 percent of these cargos are transported through middle corridor, 24 million tonnes of cargos will have been transported in additional”.


Erdogan noted that these countries have potential to sign larger projects: “The Southern Gas Corridor is one of these projects. I congratulate everyone again”.

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