Nar continues works aimed at improvement of its network

Well-known for improving the quality of provided communication services on continuous basis and offering advantageous prices to its customers, Nar successfully increases the quality of its network. Within the frames of 3G network improvement in regions, ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) technology transmission lines have been replaced with modern ones which operate based on the IP (Internet Protocol) technology. Moreover, 3G mobile network in Baku and the Absheron peninsula was completely switched to IP technology based transmission lines.

As a result of works, ATM lines were transmitted into IP technology transmission lines in Aran, Lankaran and Quba-Khachmaz economic districts. The “Last Mile Capacity” throughout the IP transmission band of base stations was increased by 53%, if compared with the last year. 

It should be noted that 3G IP technology provides the users with a capability to benefit from higher quality and faster database resources and enjoy higher quality voice services. This technology ensures the extension of data transmission channels, thus allowing transmitted and received data to reach the destination in high quality and within a shorter period of time. With application of this technology, the average speed ratio per user becomes higher, thus eliminating possible obstacles during the distribution of data and creating the conditions for equal distribution of access to the internet resources among the users. The 3G IP technology distributes the assigned data packets among users at specified destinations. This, in turn, ensures a more transparent data download and upload, sharing of information by the users and transmission of various data products over the internet. 

Thanks to the 3G IP technology, the “Call Setup Success Rate” during calls is being visibly increased, thus minimizing the rate of connection errors which may take place during the call. 

Today, 94% of the 3G network of Nar completely operates through the IP transmission technology, thus allowing the users to enjoy high quality of mobile communication services. 



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