Become next honored scholar of Azercell!

Being faithful to its traditions, the company continues to offer new opportunities for the most talented students. 


With the beginning of the new academic year, the leading mobile operator of the country Azercell Telecom launched the next round of Student Bursary Program from September, 15. The Student Bursary Program is aimed to provide special care to the successful students with high potential and support their development as future specialists. Thus, the students successfully passing all selection stages will receive a monthly burse from the company till the end of their academic term. In addition to the monthly stipend, the talented students will also have a chance to enrich their knowledge about telecommunications, participate at Azercell’s corporate events and social activities, receive various trainings, as well as take internship at Azercell. 

This year the students from the universities in Baku and regions, as well as SABAH group are eligible to apply for Student Bursary Program. In order to apply to the program, the students need to get registered via the official website at The deadline for application is October 15, 2017.


Azercell has been conducting the Student Bursary Program every year since 2008. Over 130 students from various universities in Azerbaijan have received the title of honored scholar of the company. In addition to receiving the monthly scholarship, they have gained a unique experience for their future career.   


Being an integral part of the corporate social responsibility activity of the company, Student Bursary Program plays a significant role in the academic development of the future generation.   

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