MFA: Measures underway to repatriate body of Azerbaijani national killed in Beirut road accident

Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Lebanon is taking the necessary measures to deliver to the homeland the body of an Azerbaijani national who died as in a road accident in Beirut, the press service of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs told.


“According to the information received from Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Lebanon, on Aug. 25 at about 5.30am, Azerbaijani national Khazar Aliyev was hit by a car in Beirut. The accident took place on the road that is not intended for pedestrians. The wounded was taken to the hospital in Beirut, he received first aid, but the doctors could not save him,” said the ministry’s press service.


On the basis of the passport found at him, police officers contacted the Azerbaijani embassy in Lebanon, the press service said. “Employees of the Azerbaijani embassy’s consular section immediately arrived at the hospital, examined the body of the deceased, and his identity was established.”


“The Azerbaijani Embassy took the necessary measures on the instructions of the Foreign Ministry’s Consular Department. First of all, the deceased’s family was informed about the incident, a criminal case was initiated,” added the press service.  


According to the information, Khazar Aliyev, while in Lebanon, was not in the consulate registration and did not have travel insurance. The hospital requires payment for the medical services rendered to the Azerbaijani national.


“Like in other countries, the budget of Azerbaijan’s diplomatic missions abroad does not provide financial resources for such cases. The Azerbaijani Embassy in Lebanon is in constant contacts with the Beirut police, the hospital, the person who caused the incident and his lawyer to ensure the delivery of the body to Azerbaijan,” the press service added.   

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