Irans former foreign minister dies in Turkey

Iran's first foreign minister after the 1979 Islamic Revolution Ebrahim Yazdi died in a hospital in Turkish western city of Izmir, his relatives announced in a twitter message on Sunday night, reports citing IRNA.

Eight months ago, Yazdi, who was suffering from prostate cancer, underwent a surgery in Izmir after he failed to travel to US for the same purpose when the US government refused to issue a visa for him due to the January visa ban imposed by the US President Donald Trump.


On January 27, Trump imposed visa ban on the nationals of seven Muslim countries, including Iran. A few days later, the order was suspended by an American judge; however, the US president signed a new visa order on Monday (March 6) that imposed ban on the six Muslim nations. In his new order, Trump exempted Iraq.


Yazdi was hospitalized in a clinic in Turkey during the past two weeks due to his post-surgery critical conditions. 

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