President: "Victory of Qarabag is victory of our state, Azerbaijani youth and patriotic people"

"Qarabag's victory is a historic one. This victory is of tremendous importance and meaning. It is not just a sporting victory, it is a victory of our state, Azerbaijani youth and patriotic people," said President Ilham Aliyev as he met with the squad of Aghdam's Qarabag football club, which qualified for the UEFA Champions League group stage.


"We achieve victories both on the battlefield and on sports grounds. Similarly, in April of last year, the heroic Azerbaijani soldiers showed great courage and freed some of our lands from occupiers. Life now boils on these lands. Our people have returned to the lands liberated from occupation. Now they live and create there. The flag of Azerbaijan now flies over these lands," said the President. “I am sure that every patriotic citizen of Azerbaijan and millions of Azerbaijanis living abroad wholeheartedly rejoiced at your victory, were proud of the fact that an Azerbaijani team, especially a team named Qarabag, is one of the strongest teams in the world and Europe today,” the head of state added. 

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