Get 4G-backed LG FLEX 2 smartphone at half price

Azercell Telecom LLC continues to please its clientele of 4,5 million subscribers with favorable smartphone campaigns.  Now starting from August 17, 2017, Azercell subscribers can get 4G backed LG FLEX 2 smartphone at unbelievably favorable  prices. Under the new smartphone campaign, subscribers can obtain LG FLEX 2 at half price for the monthly payment of AZN 45+. In addition, the subscribers are provided with an opportunity to receive LG W100 watch as a gift, and enjoy 5GB, 10GB or Unlimited (50GB) mobile internet packages for 12 months. 

In order to join the campaign, the subscribers are requested to visit Azercell Customer Services and choose one of the offers. 


Join this campaign offered by Azercell and enjoy a new smartphone, mobile internet and call at favorable terms. 

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