The first stage of the Training School was completed

The first stage of the “Training School” project organized in the country’s regions by Nar and “Uğur Akademiyası” (the Success Academy) was completed. This stage of the project, which was implemented in Zaqatala, was conducted with participation of experienced specialists and a professional psychologist. The participants attended trainings of smartphone repair, tailoring and cooking.  This project, being the first ever such an initiative held in the country’s regions, was supported by the local executive power authorities, as well as the regional center of the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs.


The “Training School” is an initiative implemented by Nar for the purpose of ensuring the integration of physically disabled youth in the society.  Within the frames of the project, in the course of 2 months, about 40 residents of the country’s regions will attend professional trainings in three different areas. The next stage of the regional “Training School” project will be launched in Goygol region in the coming days. 


The first “Training School” has been held in the city of Baku and has covered the participation of over 75 students. The main goal of this project, implemented on voluntary basis by the initiative of Nar, is to increase the level of knowledge and skills of persons with special needs and physical disabilities, contribute to their future careers and ensure their integration to the society by providing a moral support. Even after the trainings are over, the organizers keep their eye on the graduates of the “Training School” and help them in finding a job.


For more than 3 years now, Nar is taking various steps aimed at ensuring integration of the citizens of Azerbaijan with physical disabilities into the society, within the frames of the operator’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. Setting a good example for the local business community, Nar is currently employing 11 persons with communication disorders and disabilities. Nar will continue to expand the implementation of social projects and support the similar initiatives in the future. 

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