Ambassador: Pakistan-Azerbaijan relations higher than strategic partnership

A flag raising ceremony was held at the Pakistani embassy in Azerbaijan on Monday on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Pakistan’s declaration of independence, APA reported. 

The ceremony was attended by numerous Pakistanis who are living in Azerbaijan or have come from Pakistan as guests.

Pakistani ambassador to Azerbaijan Saeed Khan Mohmand said that a large number of Pakistani tourists also joined the ceremony. According to him, relations between Azerbaijan and Pakistan are increasing day by day.

"This year we celebrate the silver year of our relations. 25 years have passed since the establishment of our diplomatic relations. Our relations have always been strong and are growing stronger every day. These warm fraternal relations are based on political relations between the two countries. Our relations are developing on all spheres and are higher than strategic partnership. I also thank Azerbaijan for its position in respect of the Kashmir issue. Pakistan too has a very principled position on the Nagorno-Karabakh issue as well. We support Azerbaijan at all forums,” he said. 

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