Is Turkey returning to Eurovision 2018?

The rumour mill is hot as iron these days, specially when talk about the much anticipated and awaited return of Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest.

According to ESC Today, a few weeks ago, Turkish Eurovision winner Sertab Erener sent the Eurovision community into a frenzy when she hinted that Turkey could be back in Eurovision next year, leading to much speculation both at home in Turkey and overseas.

Whilst TRT remains tight lipped regarding its plans for Lisbon and the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest, today the 2010 Turkish Eurovision hopefuls maNga sparked more fireworks by tweeting about Eurovision. The Turkish group have posted a tweet teasing their fans about a possible Eurovision return!

Fans both in Turkey and overseas have gone berserk with delight after the group’s tweet last night, thus building the excitement and anticipation of a possible Turkish Eurovision return next year.

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