Blockchain experts gather at Barama Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

Technote Media, one of the most successful startups of Barama Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of Azercell Telecom LLC, has organized a meeting about Blockchain – the broadly discussed topic of the past few months. By using the Blockchain, startups go to ICO and raise large funds through cryptocurrency.  The topic was discussed under the moderation of Orkhan Ahmad. The meeting also covered the topics such as “How do startups benefit from Blockchain technology”, “How do global startups raise millions through ICO?”, “How do the falling rates of cryptocurrencies affect startups using the ICO?”, “Difference between Blockchain and cryptocurrency trading, Blockchain Technology”, as well as “Etherium” and “Bitcoin”. The event brought together people and startups interested and involved in Blockchain. 


Being established with the intention to contribute to the projects and startups, to support the entrepreneurship, especially in IT sector, Barama Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, taking into account the significance of Blockchain nowadays, intends to arrange new events on this topic.       

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