US ambassador highlights importance of Georgian region predominantly populated by Azerbaijanis

US Ambassador to Georgia Ian Kelly said on Monday that his country places high importance on Georgia’s Kvemo Kartli region.

“The successful development of this region which is home to three major ethnic groups of the South Caucasus is highly important to the United States. Kvemo Kartli is a region where USAID is carrying out various investment projects. We also offer some grants to the local media,” the US diplomat said during a meeting with Merab Topchishvili, head of Marneuli district’s executive authority.


Topchishvili noted that he discussed with the US ambassador the region’s role in Georgia’s development, as well as social and economic processes going on in the region.


“One of the themes of our discussions was Marneuli’s tourism potential. Inhabited by various peoples, Marneuli district may be attractive to tourists, who can visit the district and its villages and gain a fresh insight into the cultures of the Azerbaijani, Armenian, and Georgian families,” the diplomat said. 

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