Azerbaijani Education Ministry: Application for transfer of students to begin on July 17

From July 17 on, Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Education will start e-application for transfer of students from one higher education institutions to another, located in Azerbaijan or abroad, as well as the change of one specialty to another, the head of the ministry’s PR department, Jasarat Valehov, told a press conference on Friday.

He said the transfer will be conducted via portal until 15 August, noting that students can select a higher education institution of their own choice on the portal and find out whether they are eligible for the higher education institutions they wish to be placed in.


Valehov added that the transfer is done during the winter and summer holidays.


“The student’s score from the entrance examination must not be lower than the minimal pass score for the selected specialty for the same year. The student’s choice of specialty and higher education institution has to be within the same specialty group determined by the State Examination Center,” he said.


Valehov also outlined that no students will be transferred to Azerbaijani higher education institutions from foreign higher education institutions that are not accredited.


He reminded that last year some 233 students were transferred (via to universities which they chose and 46 students were placed secondary special educational institutions.    

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