National Art Museum to present exhibition of Vidadi Narimanbekov

National Art Museum of Azerbaijan will open personal anniversary exhibition of famous artist Vidadi Narimanbekov on July 15, Trend Life reported.

The exhibition will feature the last portraits and landscapes by the artist. Vidadi`s daughter, world-famous artist Nigar Narimanbekova believes it will be an amazing memorable gift for art lovers.

"This year marks the 90th birth anniversary of my father. The stunning and epic painting "Under the banner of the Motherland", which is still kept in his studio, will be presented for the first time in Baku. The picture was finished just a few days before he left us. This painting is a hymn to all the heroes of our country," said Nigar.

Vidadi Narimanbekov is considered one of the most fascinating art figures of the 20th century.

Vidadi was born in Caen, Northern France. His father -Yaqub Farman comes from the ancient and noble family Narimanbekov. He studied engineering in Toulouse, where he met his future wife, Irma Larude, a French woman. In 1930, the young family returned to Baku.

He successfully graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of arts. He has participated in various international art exhibitions in Hungary, Finland, Italy, Austria, Turkey, India and other countries. He is a holder of "Shohrat” order ( The Order of Glory).

The national artist skillfully used the severe style in order to express his ideas. For example, the painting "Great Patriotic War", written in 1971, creates the impression of wall paintings, murals.

The artist's another work "Portrait of a woman. Nazifa", written in 1973, shows another pictorial strategy of the painter. The portrait was painted in a quick, sketchy manner. The canvas with its sweeping strokes and bight colors express the feeling of spring.

The artist died in 2001, in Baku. His name will stay forever in the history of national art.

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