Azerbaijan to join Rostecs International Fireworks Festival

Azerbaijan will be represented at the second International Fireworks Festival "Rostec" in Moscow scheduled for July 23-24, TASS reported.

The event will bring together leading pyrotechnicians from eight countries, including China, France, Portugal, Russia, Malta, Estonia, and Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. About 25 tons of pyrotechnic and explosive substances will be brought to Moscow for the colorful festival.

The theme of this year’s festival is cinema and teams must use music tracks and soundtracks of national and international cinematography. Over 50,000 salvos forming beautiful figures of thousands of scattered lights at 300 m above the earth will ring out there.

This year, the organizers chose Brateevo Cascade Park as the venue. The park is located on a water feature will allow to make the pyrotechnic shows more spectacular . For the first time, visitors will see not only the evening fireworks show, but also enjoy a rich program during the day focused on families. Guests will be able to watch street performances, take part in art master classes, and visit the animation and computer graphics pavilions.

The clothing ceremony will feature a gala firework show from Russian pyrotechnists.

The festival organizer is Pyrotechnic Technologies. The technical aspects of the performances will be controlled by the Russian Pyrotechnic Association.

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