Baku Boulevard invites everyone to Dance Floor

Baku Boulevard invites everyone, who wants to enjoy music on weekends, to visit Dance Floor, Trend Life reported.

A fascinating project that will feature dances of foreign cultures was organized jointly with the Culture and Tourism Ministry. The event will be held every weekend at the Buelvard at 19:00.

The project is implemented within the Year of Multiculturalism in Azerbaijan. President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on January 11 to declare 2016 the Year of Multiculturalism in Azerbaijan in an effort to maintain, further develop and popularize the traditions of multiculturalism in Azerbaijan.

National dances are the essence of the culture of each people, the manifestation of their emotions, features, character and history.

The national Azerbaijani dances are in the blood of every Azerbaijani, and no important festal occasion is held without these graceful movements, performed for hundreds of years at folk festivals and games, weddings and entertaining mock battles.

Azerbaijan’s folk dances reflect the people’s pride, culture and spirit as well as the traditions and courage, which are so well known for the Caucasian peoples.

In women’s dances movements of the head, arms and upper body are dominated, and legs hidden under long dresses, get the feeling as if a dancer is floating while moving. Women dances are very soft and graceful with plasticity-smooth motion as in Vagzaly, Uzundere and Gyashyangi dances.


The female dance performance is the personification of a real woman image with swan tenderness and if the dance is performed correctly, it’s looking like a swan floating in the national costume.

Men's choreography, technically complex and rapid, is more accentuated on the legs, which is the main power of the male dances, and hands are relatively inactive. During the performance, dancers easily get on their toes and quickly sinks to the knees.


Male dances are characterized by a fast rhythm, and expression of bravery, strength and temperament. The examples of men's dances are "Gaytagy" "Djengi", "Gazagy", "Khanchobany" and others.

Azerbaijani folk dance expresses symbolically a wide variety of emotional themes, ranging from the hospitality and generosity to friendship and the unity of the people, from the high spirits of young girls to the courage of the young men.

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