Five things to do in Baku during Formula 1

Baku, one of the most beautiful cities of Caucasus, will bring together sport lovers for real test of adrenaline.

The show will stick in mind long as the city promises to present unbelievably curious car race -- Grand Prix of Formula 1 -- on June 17-19.

Many associate Baku with ancient architecture, wide promenade and delicious cuisine. It will take a few days to get around its main attractions, take a walk through the narrow cobbled streets of the Old City, and sit in the teahouse on the Boulevard, watching the circling over the Caspian Sea in flocks of seagulls.

If you are planning to catch Baku’s Grand Prix tour, there are five best adventure travel destinations in Baku to check during the Formula 1 weekend.

On the previous edition we talked about five interesting things to do in Baku during the race, now enjoy other five adventure destinations and activities.

Take trip to Gobustan

If you are a person who are interested in history, you should take a trip to Gobustan.

Located in 101 km of Baku -- Gobustan National Park is an open air museum, considering one of the most ancient settlements in Azerbaijan. The Gobustan reserve is also a home to almost half of world’s mud volcanoes.

History fans will be impressed with the 6,000-year-old rock engravings, inhabited caves, settlements, and burials -- all reflecting the extensive use of the area by ancient people and evidence of human habitation that spans 25,000 years.

After visiting Gobustan, Norwegian ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl even suggested the likely theory that the Scandinavians' ancestors originated from the region presently known as Azerbaijan.

Cruise on the Caspian

Every hour in summer, a robust passenger boat leaves the quay just outside Baku’s main harbor terminal to take tourists around the Caspian Sea for half an hour.


You won’t go out too far, but far enough to make out structures and appreciate the ever-changing cityscape of Baku as you take it in from east to west.

Palace of the Shirvanshahs

The Shirvanshahs Palace, located in the heart of the Old City is another place of interest which hold many mysteries and secrets. A sandstone palace complex that was the home of northeastern Azerbaijan’s ruling dynasty, and the tapering Maiden’s Tower, is Baku’s foremost architectural icon of millennia old.

The palace was constructed in the 13th-16th centuries and has a colorful museum, which will not leave any history lover indifferent. This unique monument was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000.

Shirvan Dynasty Palace Complex, which is a jewel in the crown of Azerbaijani architecture, comprises the two-storey palace building, the tomb, the mosque, the divankhane, the Mausoleum of Seiid Yakhya Bakuvi, the bath house, the East Portal and Murad’s Gate.


Baku is also considered a cultural gem in the Caucasus. Today, Baku has a vibrant art scene with numerous galleries spread around the city.

Azerbaijan is famous all over the world for its carpet weaving traditions. In order to get acquainted with this tradition better to visit the Carpet Museum, designed in the form of a rolled carpet, in the Baku Seaside Park. The building houses more than 13,300 exhibits and items, including carpets, thread-work samples, metalwork, fabrics, clothing, ceramic, glass, etc.

The Museum of Modern Art opened in 2009 is home for many works of contemporary Azerbaijani and European masters of art and sculptors mainly working in avant-garde style.

What to bring from Baku

You will never forget a trip to Baku, and of course you might want to bring something to save a piece of memories or share with friends and relatives.

Here are good ideas for presents: Azerbaijani tea, beautiful national carpets, national pear-shaped glass called "Armudu", best caviar in the world -- the Caspian.

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