Defense Ministry: Azerbaijan not at war with Armenian civilians - INTERVIEW

Interview with Vagif Dargahli, spokesperson for Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry

Q. The Armenian side has released information and photos purported to show civilians killed in the Talish village by the Azerbaijani army. What can you say about the authenticity of these materials?

A. Armenians have always committed provocations, so they are doing the same now. Photographs and videos released by the Armenian Defense Ministry on social networks and affiliated websites have nothing to do with the Azerbaijani army. These are no more than desperate efforts to restore the Armenian army’s lost image. The Armenians are very experienced in making such videos, photos, and animations. This is the first such fact. All of them had been exposed by us and Azerbaijani media.

Armenia is stricken after the heavy losses suffered recently on the front line. The myth made up about the Armenian army has turned upside down. Information about the losses are kept as secret as possible from the Armenian public. It was officially stated by the command that the Azerbaijani armed forces had only targeted Armenian armed units, soldiers entering our area, and military positions and facilities. We are not war with Armenian civilians. This is but what is claimed by the Armenians in order to baffle the international community including their own people. Another thing is there is no Armenian population inhabiting areas near the contact line of troops. This information released by the Armenians is pure misinformation.

Q. By the way, the Armenian Defense Ministry spokesperson has announced that the heights captured by the Azerbaijani army on April 2 have been retaken.

A. This is yet another lie. Azerbaijani armed forces are carrying out field engineering work and digging trenches in the areas liberated from occupation. According to the latest information, Azerbaijani forces are tightening their grip on the liberated strategic heights.

Q. Are the Armenian armed units launching attacks to recapture those heights?

A. Currently, the situation remains tense on the contact line of troops and fights are going on in the directions of Aghdere-Terter and Fuzuli-Khojavand districts. Armenian armed forces once again attempted to attack the positions of Azerbaijani armed forces in the direction of Khojavand- Fuzuli districts. As a result of a counterattack of Azerbaijani troops, three tanks and about 30 soldiers of Armenia were eliminated. One more enemy battery was destroyed.

Azerbaijani armed forces inflicted strikes on Armenian positions during counter-attack. Azerbaijani armed forces destroyed three tanks and eliminated about 30 servicemen of Armenian armed forces.  Moreover, one enemy battery was destroyed.

Q. Armenians spread a video in social networks. The video reflects Armenian soldiers standing near the bodies allegedly belonging to Azerbaijani soldiers and uttering that other Azerbaijani soldiers will share the same fate with them. Do you have information about the video? Has this issue been investigated?  

A. The leadership of Azerbaijani armed forces is engaged in provocation spreading photos and videos of other conflict zones. These photos and videos are mounting. This video is also mounting.

Q. Does Azerbaijan possess the bodies of all its soldiers killed in the battles?

A. Azerbaijani soldiers continue inflicting crushing strikes on the enemy. The Defense Ministry is providing information about each loss. Funerals of our martyrs are attended by representatives of media outlets, officials, almost all people. As of April 4, the Azerbaijani Army lost 15 soldiers.

Q. What steps are taken against Armenian provocations in social networks and how should we fight against it further?

A. Azerbaijani people should be active in social networks and immediately react to misinformation by citing official statements.  

Ramiz Mikayiloglu – APA

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