Hundreds of damaged buildings, private houses to be demolished in Binagadi and Garadagh

The Cabinet of Ministers has taken a decision on additional measures to accelerate the socio-economic development of Baku’s Binagadi and Garadagh districts.

According to the decision, the Binagadi and Garadagh district executive powers, in compliance with the requirements of the laws on property, housing, urban planning and construction, is due to ensure the demolition and reconstruction in 5 years of tenement buildings in disrepair accommodating 1247 families, which spoil the overall view of the city and does not meet urban planning standards in Binagadi, as well as 166 private houses in the Bilajari municipality’s area in a zone where underground gas leak has been detected, 274 cane and wooden residential buildings accommodating 10,960 families, which were built late in 19th century and the early 20th century in Garadagh’s Lokbatan, Sahil, Puta, Gizildash and Alat towns, and other buildings unfit for living, social and other types of non-residential buildings in Binagadi and Garadagh districts, development and approval of detailed plans of land and land parts, confirmation of projects of new residential and non-residential buildings, authorization for constructions and exploitation of buildings, and for this purpose permanent use and lease of state-owned lands. 


The Cabinet of Ministers shall be informed once a month about the work to be done.  The construction and public utilities department and the regional development department was instructed to control over the demolition and reconstruction of buildings and private houses.

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